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Above: 1939 John Deere B

Dave Nelson does exceptional work! I restored a 1950 John Deere B and am currently working on a 1939 JD B. Dave has renewed the sheet metal on both tractors – hood, grilles, medallion and related parts. The ’50 B has been on display at the John Deere Collectors Center and appeared in The John Deere Tractor Legacy 2005 calendar.

Dave Nelson’s work is extraordinary. He is a talented, experienced craftsman who is a professional auto body technician who knows tractors inside and out! Dave doesn’t cut corners and does the job the right way. At every tractor show, I receive enthusiastic compliments on the sheet metal and paint on my 1950 JD B.

If you want first-rate sheet metal renewal/repair on your tractor, I highly recommend you contact Dave Nelson. You won’t be disappointed!

Ken Reese, McHenry, Illinois

Dear Dave,

Thank you for the great job you did on our John Deere 730 Diesel. Your straightening of the sheet metal on the grill, hood, nose cone and fenders made all the difference in the final product. The hand finishing that you did using no filler material made the painted surface look better than brand new.

We are so proud to show this restored tractor off in the shows and parades that our tractor club participates in. The time invested in your work really pays off and we just could not be happier.

You can be very proud of the work you do. Thank you again for taking the time to help us with our restoration project.

Al and Mike Barabagallo, Imperial, Missouri

Dave Nelson restored two tractors for us, a Farmall 350 and a Farmall SMTA. Both tractors turned out to be exceptional and are the “head turners” at the Rantoul Half Century of Progress and Red Power Roundup.

– Gordy Koch

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